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Montessori Preschool

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Storm Hofferbert

About Montessori

Montessori materials.

Our Montessori environment includes the following areas for your child to explore:

Practical Life: Activities that strive to teach the following: the care and respect of self, others and environment, grace and courtesy, personal independence, eye-hand coordination and small motor skills.

Sensorial: The materials in this area of the classroom are designed to refine the child’s senses by using color, shape and size recognition. These materials also help in the development of order and are an indirect introduction to language and mathematics.

Math: These activities provide a “hands on” introduction and knowledge of quantity and number recognition.

Language: Materials that provide opportunities for the development of verbal, reading and written language.

Geography: We learn about the people and physical world around us.

Cosmos: This encompasses many areas of science, earth and nature themes.

Art & Crafts: Activities are provided to teach skill, but allow personal expression as well. Our emphasis is on fine art instruction and processes, not product based outcomes.

Music: This includes the use of movement, rhythm instruments, finger plays, singing children’s songs, and listening to many styles of music as well as an introduction to Composers.