Rose Hill
Montessori Preschool

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Storm Hofferbert

Rose Hill Montessori Preschool's Response to COVID-19


Now enrolling with spots available for 2023-2024 school year.

Please carefully read our COVID-19 plan here.

Call 425-881-8710 to schedule a tour.

(Please leave a clear phone # on the answering machine if we are unable to pick up the phone when you call, and we will get back to you soon.)

COVID-19 Protections:

  • Teachers will wear masks and frequently wash our hands. Teacher's temperature will be taken daily.
  • Classroom materials will be washed and sanitized daily.
  • Tables and chairs will be washed and sanitized daily.
  • Bathroom will be washed and sanitized daily.
  • Outdoor climber will be washed and sanitized daily.
  • All of the above more frequently as needed.
  • Children will wear a hat (provided) with a clear face screen while at preschool. Children will have the option of wearing a mask (also provided). Both will be cleaned daily.
  • Children will be supervised as they wash their hands. Hand washing will occur when a child's hands enter the mouth, nose or eye area, in addition to before and after eating a snack, and after toileting.
  • Teachers will use a no-contact thermometer to take the child's temperature while the child is still in his/her car seat. Children with termperatures of more than 100º will not be admitted to preschool. Parent will sign a form confirming that the child is healthy and has not come in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. This is done daily. If parent answers yes to any questions, child will not be admitted to preschool.
  • Parents are not allowed into the classroom but will remain in the car as a teacher retrieves the child, walking him or her to the classroom.


For more information, please contact Storm at: